Friday, December 12, 2008

graduation ceremony

The long await moment - parents put on the cap for me .
It signify a new trained soldier is born .

They are the aspirin of my painful life in BMT .

Lin hang my guard duty buddy during field camp . Thanks for waking me up in my coffin hole
Never give up during the 24km route march becos i know they will be there for me
There are always memories i can't do without - THEM

Monday, September 29, 2008

F1 night race

somebody falling behind the lorry haha
george and me pose for the vip gallery
carrying the ferrari flag
United Engineers
Behind the barrier
Lorry tour after the race
"acting" staff
"Botak" head office
2 friends who aid me in ndp project
Monster truck
England friends
28/9/2008 ; Today is the Final race for F1 first night race and its my book out day also . The whole day we are so enchanted by the bookout day song . "today is our book out day ... du da du da ... today is our book out day ... du da du da dai ....."there it goes . The boat arrived at the jerry at 3pm . The eagerness to go home can be easily spot when we are at the checkpoint. Everyone are rushing madly to the boat once the gantry door open . Upon reaching the "mainland" singapore , someone triggered our long kept feeling for the past 2 weeks by singapore our national day most popular song - Home . It was pretty a touching moment when we set foot on our shore agan . Everything looks so nice in singapore - those despo guy find old woman enchanting too haha .
At night , i went to marina sqaure to watch the F1 race . My ex-colleage and me sat at the field to watch the race through the big screen . The sensation brought by the engines' roar are amazing and deafening . After the race , we went for a tour around the racing track on our company's lorry . We took alot of pictures on the way and the wind is great ! We end our tour at the head office and went for a tour on our foot to the vip gallery .

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Appreciation function at riz carlton

company's silver award from chief of defence L.general desmond quek
captain coco lee and colonel siva
cheer !
Minister of defence mr. teo chee hean giving speech at ball room
hui ming and me taking free photo at the function
The ndp 2008 power committee

27 /8/2008 ;Today went back to marina seating gallery to meet major Goh regarding the handover . Somebody complained that we had damaged their cable trunking at the floating platform . After inspection with marvin , we realised that is meant for signal cable instead of us . Marvin rushed back to DSTA for a meeting and i had to attend the handover alone .
The occupational safety and health auditor went to the F1 site for inspection . Senior vice-president from my company will be presented so i had to do some touch up before hand . After that i went back to marina seating gallery to chat with my security friends . As usual , we always had alot to share and i like to tease nala the security operation executive . He always never failed to teach me how to be "smart" in work . Usually me and victoria will laugh secretly during his lecture .
In the late afternoon , hui ming called me to attend a appreciation function at riz carlton . I was wearing a short sleeves shirt and fortunately a black pants that day . Luckily the guards told me before hand to change a better shirt before entering or else i will lose face .At first i was quite doubtful of what she told me so i just went to marina square with an undertermine thought to buy a long sleeve shirt .Instead I got myself a black shoes paint because my safety shoes are horribly disfigured by white paint .
Once i reach the entrance of the hotel , i realised something is amiss . Everyone are wearing long sleeves with tie and i got none of them . Even the ushers outside wore better than i am . So once again returned back to get a shirt .
Its the first time i attend a function flooded with senior officers . They even assigned a captain to bring me into the grand ballroom .I got very nervous when i got to know that i got to recieve an award on behalf of the company especially when everyone attended the function seem to be a somebody .
The old man beside is very chatty and we had a hearty talk throughout the prize giving ceremony . We talked about oil price , casino and even the economic benefit brought by F1 . The lady beside him is also friendly enough to join in our conversation .
Those recipients are mostly general , colonel ,director,COO,general manager , CEO of a organisation . When the MC came to my turn , i heard her pronoucing my position as super........wise........蛇. Understandably , she can't twist her tongue quick enough since i'm the only one call super...wise ....蛇 there .
After the whole ceremony , i was pretty shy to exchange namecard with them since i'm the only
super........wise........蛇 there but i did .Then i realised the chatty old man is actually deputy director of national park and the lady is the treasurer of young NTUC .
Boss and his secretary join in for the buffet and we had a power committee reunion . I'm glad to see colonel koh , major paul and captain coco lee there . Major lee , captain edward , captain ivan , colonel siva steven , captain I V , lieutenant BK were there also . Luckily the glass did not break after all the crashings followed by the cheers .
Thanks everyone for the great day especially boss who gave me the oppotunity and of course hui ming !!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

16/8/2008 ; Finally its getting close to the completion of demolition . I purposely wear my long hidden jumpsuit for the last few days . 4 strata heavy lorry crane came down to take away 4 800KVA gen set back to office . Its so relief to see them leaving the site one by one .I went to golden mile food center to have lunch with george . I actually met Felicia there and i couldn't recognise her until she sms me to reassure that "guy" in jumpsuit was me .

Today went to outing with zhu bin , hao chun , zhi hao , linda , charis , jia min, ling jie and ming may . There was a down pour when we reached there and everyone are drenched . We had our lunch at the food village . Later in the afternoon , we had card game , cycling and fresbie by the beach. We had our dinner at the sea side . Thanks everyone for the day !

Thursday, August 14, 2008

flyer outing

Fire on NDP 2008
blue flyer
professional engineer , operation executive and me
Beautiful !
They are great !We gave them the power to do so
Water effect by french man
The merlion
Having dinner together
The indian restuarant at singapore flyer
Subcon boss and me
ME , bala and mr see
Pandy , me and magesh
The flyer @ night
group picture on board the cabin
Draftmen , foremen and me
The ndp electrical installation project team
Hui ming and me
9/8/2008;After the national day celebration is really crazy !!! Once the celebration is over we already standby for demolition . I had to work overnight that day and in total 29 working hours . In the middle of the night at marina is very humid and warm. My jacket is not of any uses and i had to take off my shirt instead . The security camera took some shot of my men climbing the tree to take back cable . Soon some red shirt man came for a chit chat session . Later 3 am in the morning i bought breakfast for the workers -absolutely exhausted . The next day i was scheduled to change shift at 0830 . Unfortunately , there are still alot of uncertainty in the demolition progress so i had to stay . Reach home at 2pm the next day .

13/8/2008; Its the last week i'm staying at marina for the project . The demolition is almost completed and its time for me to return to office for new appointment . My senior manager wants me back to do the safety document for the company as they are preparing for OSHA .

Captain Coco lee from payar lebar airbase called me up on the day before . On the phone she told me that she had a surprise for me . She passed me a booklet of $10 flyer voucher . The next day we went to flyer for outing with my project team . We had dinner at the indian restuarant at the flyer and the food is bombastic hot . My 2 indian foreman disagree . We ordered 2 plates of mixed grill for $90 and 6 plates of plain nasi brani which cost us $6 each.We started to dig the plate when we found that chicken is missing . The truth is only explained when the bill came in . They actually send me the wrong dishes and it cost $60 per plate . I was damn pissed off by their service and refused to pay them the full sum . My persistence convinced them that they had to give me the best price . In the end we paid $30 lesser . UOB card helped me saved another 12 bucks thanks to the 10% discount .

Monday, July 28, 2008

MC or CM?
SB prom queen !!! My honour haha
ME, Ching Siew,prom queen and ming chao
Qing Qing-making a wish
chicken kebak and a sleepy face
Outing with my dearest classmates - Qing Qing , Sayang , LITING , Eugene

28/7/2008; Last 2 weeks was extremely enjoyable because they spiced up my life ! Liting suddenly gave me a call to ask me where to have dinner together . I was glad to know she is coming to visit me a marina ndp site since i had isolated myself for work for quite sometime . She brought me a bigger surprise instead - All my dears coming together !!! We had lots of fun together just like how we used to be . After finished our dinner at kenny roger , we bought qing qing a cake at swensen . The ice-cream cake is pretty hard and we called the waiter to cut for us instead . Our Chat and laughters filled the whole restuarant - not to forget our birthday song for her .

The week later , ming chao gave me a surprise call too . He called me to join the 4B OUTING at marina square . I was late for the outing as the show end late . It has been quite some time i saw them . All the guys have became a sergent and outstanding kenneth become a officer . The ladies are getting prettier and i'm getting more sleepy hahah . We had a fun time reckee marina square and then settled down at macdonald to have our HIGH tea . Ming chao show us some of the pictures he took for his trainee and of course the gal he like . The most fruitful thing i do during the outing is to take picture with SB prom queen MJ haha :)